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See what practices are saying about GPDocs

What are practices saying about GPDocs?

We asked the GPDocs community to share their views of how GPDocs has worked for them.

Thanks to you both and the GPDocs team for supporting us through this process. We couldn't have done it without all your help.

Zach, Business Manager, Hillmed Health Centre, Christchurch

Thank-you Celia, you were a lucky find!! Thank you so much for your great expertise and thanks to all of the team involved.

Charlotte, GP & Director, Ashburton Health First

Thanks again for all your help. You and Claire have been absolutely marvellous I have learnt so much.

Jan, Receptionist, Diamond Harbour, Canterbury

OMG!! Am I allowed to say I love you?? This is fantastic! I am SUPER impressed with what you have been able to do, it looks great and means a lot less work for me – THANKS so much.

Kylie, Practice Manager, Straven Medical, Christchurch

Just thought I would let you know that Cornerstone assessment went really well yesterday and GPDocs worked really well for us – thank you!

Jo, Practice Manager, Wakefield Health Centre, Nelson

I must say GPDocs has an impressive way of sorting, cataloguing, and updating procedures.

Andrew, GP & Director, Wanaka Medical Centre

Thanks for all your help. Our Cornerstone accreditors really liked the system.

Jose, Nurse Team Leader, Wakefield Health Centre