GPDocs features

Tailor-made for your practice


Our documentation is reviewed by industry experts and practices NZ-wide. We manage all updates including legislative changes and feedback from accreditation.


No more aimless searching through shared directories and folders! GPDocs online content is not only fully searchable but supported by an easy to navigate menu structure.


We've included links to useful resources, relevant legislation, clinical tools like HealthPathways, and to corresponding accreditation criteria throughout the system.


We tailor our core content to reflect the way your practice works. Some topics will include practice specific information and we include this customisation as part of our service.

More than just accreditation policies

Meeting the documentation requirements for accreditation is important but that's not all GPDocs provides...

Along with procedures explaining the day to day operation of your practice, we include really useful content for the practice team or to help when someone new starts. They include things like your...

  • Health and safety policies
  • Induction checklists
  • Forms and templates
  • HR policies